Unlock more value from data

Nomad Data is the data relationship management and discovery platform that quickly puts the right data in the right user’s hands at the right time so they can make smarter decisions, driving revenue growth and cost savings.

  • Drive top-line KPIs.

    Empower your knowledge workers to make better decisions by connecting them to the data you have and helping them discover new data when they need it most.

  • Save time and money.

    Get more out of your budget by allocating spend to the data that drives the most value and improve your team’s efficiency by removing unnecessary manual work.

  • Centralize data intelligence.

    Cement your position as the hub for deriving value from your firm’s investment in data.

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Let Nomad Data connect your knowledge workers with the data they need to be smarter when it matters most.

"Our experience with Nomad Data for our workplace analytics study is a perfect example of their value add. Nomad Data reduced our search costs by allowing us to connect only to the most relevant data providers, and made communication with Revelio [data provider] incredibly smooth." Managing Director, Investment firm
"The process was seamless from our [data provider] end. We received an automated email and responded to the client’s request. Within a week we had begun an evaluation and within a month had made a strategic sale. The best part was that Nomad doesn’t take a cut of our revenues." Ben Zweig, CEO, Revelio Labs